Stand off Wall Sign

So many different types of signs to choose from. This style has been pretty popular with companies that lease property and plan to move to another location in the future. Easy to remove and install.

Brushed Metal

Using a brushed metal panel as the backer for applying the 3/4″ black custom cut acrylic. A custom color overlay to match their colors and strong adhesive to hold them in place.

Architectural Sign

Once all the letters are set, it’s time make mounting templates to assist in installation. Easier to drill holes with a pattern than the actual sign.

Lobby Sign

When the sign is installed, it will have decorative fasteners on top and bottom that hold the sign off the wall about 1/2″


Dimensional Sign

Here is quick inside look on the production and assembly of this unique sign. Fairly simple for us but I know that many people will look at a sign like this and wonder how it’s made.

Routed HDUA CNC machine is a critical part of this sign, the CNC will cut out all the pieces and essentially carve out the portions on the Foam board you want carved. Then after selective painting, we carefully apply all the small pieces to their locations. Once everything is set it’s time to install.

Brushed gold on HDUOffice Sign


Signicade A Frames

Signicade on SALE at Cardinal Signs, Inc. Whiles supplies last!!

$169 includes graphics

Available in Yellow or White.

White or Yellow

The Signicade is the most popular, durable exterior grade “A” frame that is ideal for placing in parking lots on sidewalks to promote Food Specials, Store Discounts or to just Direct Traffic.

Graphic dimensions

The Signicade will not blow over in heavy winds and is weather proof! There is a large changeable graphics placement area on both sides that measures 2ft x 3ft.

Changeable Graphics

Signicades on Sale!!!


UF Emerson Alumni Hall

A variety of materials and installation methods were used in this project.

Perforated vinyl

View through vinyl

It’s hard to tell in the photo but it’s over 27 ft to the top of the glass. When looking out through the windows the view and light are not obstructed.

Printed panels

Vinyl overlay on ACM

Large metal panels are printed and joined together to make one beautiful design.

Interior graphics

Frosted stripes

When entering the hall you will see coarse gold frosted stripes running down the glass handrails while both sides of the second floor is pillared with blue and orange perforated viny.


Educational Signs

A unique sign can capture the attention of distracted boaters.

Dock signs

Two panel Sign

The design of these signs allowed for us to route out a simulated shape of a prop ripping through the sea grass. Once installed at a dock or pilon, the sign is different enough that it will get people to look and learn.

Highly durable
By adding the image of the grass, images of solutions, compiled with the actual separation of the sign should really get the message across.


Grand Scale Wraps

A wrap is not just a wrap, a car is different than a truck is different than a van is different than a bus is different than a shuttle. This is certainly true in this case.

Grand format

Side view

It’s hard to imagine how much goes into a wrap like this. Many things must be considered like: How will the material form and last on heavy contour areas? How will you wrap where the mirrors and lights are? What kinda of design will flow well with this style vehicle?

Bus wrap

Passenger side

Probably the most challenging part was the hood and fenders, although it was not hard but tedious and time consuming to cover these areas. The most important part was to consider the angles and come up with a plan on what to do first and then making sure the materials are not overstretched but applied correctly.

Back wrap


Hood wrap


This shuttle wrap really made a bland looking transport vehicle stand out from all the others.


Outlaw Swagger

Ever heard of Salt Life? Well here is a new cool for all you biker, blue collar, hard working, callouses on your hand from keeping this country hummin along!

Custom designed wrap

30 ft trailer

This trailer was a very cool job, I must say that it is nice to wrap something this large that does not have multiple phone numbers, services, web sites, and an essay of everything else we should know about them. 

Vendor trailer wrap

Drop down header

This wrap was more about “look at this” than anything else and let me tell you that eyes were certainly following this one down the road. We enjoyed working on this trailer because it was more of a mural or artistic rendering that makes you inspect each corner of the image, sorta like a painting in the museum.

The most difficult part was to line up the motorcycle tires perfectly with the trailer tires, so we started the wrap in the middle of the trailer to make sure it all landed correctly.


Community Entrance Sign

An entrance sign to an HOA serves a couple of purposes. First would be to identify the community and its main entrances to the homes it governs.


Creating the sign

The second would be to help increase the value of the homes in the community and preserve their value, after all, that is why they pay dues to the HOA. A beautiful sign is the first thing a potential home buyer will see.

Dimensional Sign

Brushed Gold Overlay

This sign for Hunters Glen is HDU that has been routed on a CNC machine to achieve the desired depth and shape. A duplicate file is used to cut out the brushed metal, then it is overlaid and adhered to the HDU.

Sign on brick wall

Final install

The final step is to mount the sign onto the brick wall with the proper hardware to ensure it never falls off but can be removed for future maintenance such as a repaint. Just like a home, you will need to clean it and paint it every 7 or so years.


Site Signs

Post and panel signs are a great way to inexpensively get your name in front of your office. Simply made but designed to last about 7-10 years.

Printed sign panel

MDO panel

Paint can be used to compliment the sign by either matching the posts to the sign or just helping it stand out. Put a couple of caps on top and stick it in the ground.

One sided print

Park Sign

Keeping all you signs consistent is always a good idea, especially for a town that is sprucing up its public spaces and buildings. MDO is an exterior grade wood product designed just for the sign industry. Cut it, paint it, print on it or jig it out to a custom shape.


Fleet Wraps

As your company grows having a good relationship with a local sign company like Cardinal Signs is invaluable when it comes to consistency with branding on your vehicles.

Wraps for branding

Fleet vehicle

Stellar Services has benefited from our relationship as they continue to grow and add vehicles to their fleet by using the same design layout but fitting it to each model they purchase. Design fees can sometimes be waived when a solid, long term relationship has been established.

Fleet graphics

Second van wrap

We have the privilege of wrapping about 6 vehicles in total for Stellar as well as banners and office signage, keeping the brand consistent. We also save all files for all customers on site, external drive, and in the cloud so we will always have a copy of the exact colors and elements for each job.  We value our clients and we will always do our best to protect their interests.

Ford van wrap

Rear door wrap


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