Retail Signs

Need to direct customers to your unit or storefront? Want to inspire your employees or perk up your walls? Need some privacy in your open office setup? Cardinal Signs has designed and installed a vast array of signs and design elements specifically for office/retail locations. Beginning with the basics, Cardinal Signs has installed graphics to the windows and doors of many locations. Window/door graphics can consist of simple lettering containing information like the business name, hours, and telephone number. Graphics can also be full-color and cover multiple windows to create an impact.

Cardinal Signs also installs full-color graphics on interior walls. Swirls in a yogurt shop, inspiration in school, a colorful backdrop for a reception area, we can design high impact graphics for the interior of your location. We also have vinyl products available to give interior/exterior glass an etched appearance. This can be custom cut to include lettering, shapes, swirls, or to create a blocky minimalist design for a modern office space.

Exterior Acrylic Retail Signs

Many shopping centers, retail/condo, office locations have exterior signs with multiple acrylic or other sign faces. Cardinal Signs can refurbish or replace these types of signs, depending on the situation. Looking to unify the look of the signs for an entire center? Cardinal Signs has redesigned and installed the signs for multiple companies at a single center previously. By coordinating with each tenant, Cardinal Signs was able to design a unified, modern, clean looking complex sign.

Cardinal Signs can also replace a single panel in a multiple-paneled sign. Are you a new tenant in a complex? We can design a new panel for your company, with high-impact graphics to get your company noticed. Cardinal Signs can even replace pan-faced acrylic panels in lighted signs. No matter the situation, we can design a sign to suit your company! We’ll coordinate with the complex management company to ensure your sign meets site standards and specifications.

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