Vinyl Stickers

Back to basics! Single cut solid color vinyl decals. Off the shelf vinyl is one of the tried and true methods of making most signs. Still a huge part of any sign shop, cut vinyl does not require dry times or lamination.

Plotted vinyl

Cut vinyl

Plotted vinyl

Plotted vinyl

Simply load the desired color, about 30 options in stock, send the vector file to the plotter and let the blade cut the image or text onto the vinyl. Once the plotter is done, remove the vinyl sheet and discard or “weed” all the area you don’t want.

Weeded vinyl

Once all the weeding is done you will need to apply a transfer tape to the surface, this will allow you to “transfer” the sticker to any surface in one piece. Now you simply squeegee the sticker down and the remove the transfer tape.

R Tape

Transfer tape

Many years ago, before the introduction of full color printers, we would cut 4-6 colors of vinyl to create a full color logo by overlaying each color. Thank you Roland!

Vinyl decals



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