Outlaw Swagger

Ever heard of Salt Life? Well here is a new cool for all you biker, blue collar, hard working, callouses on your hand from keeping this country hummin along!

Custom designed wrap

30 ft trailer

This trailer was a very cool job, I must say that it is nice to wrap something this large that does not have multiple phone numbers, services, web sites, and an essay of everything else we should know about them. 

Vendor trailer wrap

Drop down header

This wrap was more about “look at this” than anything else and let me tell you that eyes were certainly following this one down the road. We enjoyed working on this trailer because it was more of a mural or artistic rendering that makes you inspect each corner of the image, sorta like a painting in the museum.

The most difficult part was to line up the motorcycle tires perfectly with the trailer tires, so we started the wrap in the middle of the trailer to make sure it all landed correctly.


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