Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted signs are some of the most impressive and elegant signs in the industry. They exceed printed, vinyl, and other panel signs in their stylized design and visual impact. Sandblasted signs are permanent, dimensional panels that can be designed to any specifications. Want a wood grain look or a real wood sign? We can make either! What about shape? Round, oval, oblong, scalloped corners, etc., just about anything is possible. Sandblasted signs can be manufactured to just about any design specification. All sandblasted panels are painted with your specified custom colors, and can be expected to last20 years or more(even in the harsh Florida sun). These panels are not limited in size either. Need a directional sign 4’ x 10’ or a parking space sign 12” x 12”?We can manufacture a sign to suit your application, and the media is available in several thicknesses as well.

These amazing, multi dimensional signs, require time to complete. Each sign must be designed, masked, sand blasted, primed, and painted prior to installation. However, they are well worth the wait.  Typical application for these signs includes businesses, storefronts, parking lots, subdivisions, apartment complexes, golf courses, directional, informational, plaques, interior signs, etc. Will both sides of your signs be visible? These signs can be sandblasted on both sides of the same panel. Sandblasted signs, like other panel signs, can be installed on posts, suspended with chains, attached directly to a wall or other substrate. These fantastic signs are sure to make an impact!

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