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Ever wonder how they do those huge billboards on the expressway? Well this is a smaller version of 8′ x 24′. Billboard material is a vinyl scrim banner that is significantly thicker with a black blocking layer to prevent any bleed through from the background. Once the grand format printer has completed printing the billboard in 1 piece, the sides are reinforced by welding or sewing the edges, sometimes a pole pocket is included in the finish to allow a 1″ or so rod to slide though the pocket.

Vinyl banner billboard

Newberry Billboard

Depending on how the frame is constructed will depend on how the billboard is installed, in this case we used tie downs to racket the top to the bottom and screwed the sides down in back. Pulling tight while ratcheting we smooth out any wrinkles giving the look of a seamless advertisement.


Color Change Wrap

A good quality paint job can be pretty pricey especially if there is nothing wrong with the paint job you have now.Color change wraps can be significantly less expensive without altering the vehicles original paint. Retaining the value of a vehicle is important for resale.

First we start with a clean surface and then after careful measurements of the vehicle we laminate the selected color for durability. Being able to apply a full sheet of vinyl will help with a seamless application.
Using every seam in the vehicle we will now be able to apply the front bumper as an individual piece, this helps release the tension of trying to take the sides all the way around. A little stretch here and stuck there and little kiss of heat and it’s done.

3M 1080 series carries a full line of color change films, from pink, carbon fiber, matte black, brushed metal and just about anything you might want. We have the latest samples in our shop for you to view.

Kick on those red , white and blues and you will wish you weren’t doing 100 mph in a 45!!


Truck Wrap

Dreyers DKI is always maintaining their fleet with new wraps, nothing speaks volumes to customers than a fresh, glossy wrap. 

We always use the best wrap films on the market. 3M is tried and true. Many competitors will use off brand materials to try and lower their price, Beware!

We also print all our wraps in house, provide design concepts and finals in house, use high quality OEM inks and install everything ourselves. No farming out here.

If you have any idea but not sure how to start, just call us and we will take care of everything.


Real Estate Frames

If you have ever been in the market to purchase real estate frames you may have noticed the wide variety of styles and sizes. A couple of things to consider when purchasing the right frame for you is to always start with cost, how much do you plan to spend per Sign? Secondly, how many frames did you want? Will you be purchasing the panels with graphics as well? What size? How much will it cost to ship steel frames?

Banjo Frame

The list of questions can go on but at Cardinal Signs we carry a couple of the most popular styles frames and the matching panels most frequently requested in our area. Many realtors do not want to dig a hole or transport a heavy sign to a new listing while wearing their business attire. Also, no shipping cost since our vendors deliver the steel frames to our door at no charge.

H Frame with Rider

The H Frames offers a quick change Frame which allows you to slide in or out the rider or main sign for another without bolts and nuts. No tools required, switch from “Pending” to “Sold” in 3 seconds.

Banjo and H Frame signs

When ordering with Cardinal Signs we do not have a minimum order or a set up charge for these signs. Many of our customers will order anywhere from 2-10 frames and panels at a time with a 2-5 day turnaround time.


Traffic Signs

Engineer Grade Prismatic or EGP is one standard for reflective traffic signs. Other options are High Intesity Prismatic or Diamond Grade Prismatic. Each one offering a different level and quality of reflection.

Reflective traffic signs are essential for use in any subdivision that is not governed by DOT rules. Each community will need to decide what level of reflection is needed.

Most sizes are standard and can easily be purchased off the shelf with a turnaround time of about 5 business days.

If you require a custom size or custom verbiage, additional setup fees and prices may apply. Always good to stay with standard to keep the price down.

Finally, include hardware, posts and install to complete the job. 


Routed HDU Site Sign

Staring with a blank sheet of HDU. Design and proofing to the client is the most important part of this process, if anything is not exact there is no correcting it later.

Modern Finish

Routed CNC Finish

Once the sign has been machined then it’s time to sand any rough edges and clean all surface dust from the material before putting the first of many coats of paint.

Double Sided

High Density Urethane

Once the paint has dried and the final touches are complete, it’s time to install this gem in its new home for the next 20 years.

The only maintenance required for this sign is to give a wash every 4-6 years and repaint as needed, depending on exposure to the sun. Then add some dimensional lettering to the peck of the building and this dental office is ready to roll.


Banners Full Color

Full color banner

Outdoor Banner

Vinyl banners are most commonly used for short term applications such as events, sport field sponsorships or even a temporary business sign until the permanent one arrives.

Most banners come in standard heights, 2′ , 3′ , 4′ or custom larger sizes. The length is up to you since the the material comes on a 150′ long roll. Single sided is most commonly ordered but double sided is available upon request. 

You will also have a choice of matte or gloss finish. The banner is usually only as good as the finishing touches like reinforced edges and grommets every 2′ for hanging up. Remember to use as many grommet holes when hanging your banner so it won’t rip or tear in strong winds. Sometimes a shoelace threading through the grommets is the best and strongest way to hang.

Grommet on banner


Vehicle Wrap

Car wrap for Exactech as they prepare for the parade. We are seeing more clients fully wrap their vehicles including the roof, mirrors, door handles and windows. We also work closely with clients who wish to have total design control within their team, this ensures that the final design layout will fit correctly and blend well with all the different sections of the car. 3M IJ180 wrap film

SUV Wrap

Bumpers, door handle and mirrors require an extra level of experience to keep in theme with the most prominent part of the wrap… the sides!

Bumper Wrap

The installation is super important for longevity but if the design is not done correctly then you will have a very expensive billboard that kids may like but not a serious client.


Wall Murals

Wall murals can replace wallpaper in many settings, especially when a message or image is needed to soften the room. At Cardinal Signs, we like to use a laminated vinyl to ensure that cleaning or accidental bumping will not damage the surface. Many cheaper online options do not laminate their prints and will even use a light tack adhesive that can come loose over time. Remembering when choosing a sign company for murals that they are able to inspect the wall surface texture and paint condition to ensure proper adhesion

Wall Mural

We can include any design, from just an image to intense graphics.

We also print and prepare every mural in our shop to help with a smooth install.

Size does not matter, small medium or large, it’s up to you.


Cardinal Signs

Cardinal Signs Logo is a recognizable feature  in Gainesville, Fl. We are the areas preferred vendor for signs, wraps, trade show displays, banners, magnetics and vehicle graphics. Using the highest quality materials for Every job sets us apart from every other competitor in Gainesville, Fl. and Alachua County FL. Our Prices are competitive, fair and affordable for the product we offer. Others may be cheaper and that will reflect soon when things begin to fade.


Cardinal Signs Logo

CSI Logo


Cardinal Signs has a recognizable mascot which we have endearingly named “JD”. He is a fixture on all of our media and vehicles wraps. If you see “JD” or our logo you know quality, time, and care has been put into that sign.


Cardinal Bird




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